Using Your Card
A Contactless Reader/Writer is mounted on the buses near the driver’s seat or entrance to perform the task of checking the validity of the card of the commuters.
  • The commuters must "touch" the card on the contactless reader upon boarding the bus.
  • The reader will then check the validity of the card and upon approval/rejection; a buzzer will be activated with different tone for approval and rejection.
  • When a Monthly Pass is touched, the reader will display the expiry date of the card for the commuter's/driver's knowledge.
  • When a Prepaid Card is touched, the reader will display the balance amount on the card after deducting the fare.
Anyone found travelling on Kigali Bus Services Ltd. buses without a valid ticket or card is liable to prosecution as per the law!
Official Launch: August 30, 2013 13.00 (local time)
Kigali Bus Services Ltd., with the presence of Lord Mayor and Minister of Transport and Director General of RURA, officially launches its service to Zone 1 in Kigali.
New Bus Route
We are pleased to announce that Kigali Bus Services Ltd. has won the tender for Zone 1 in Kigali. For the routes and timetables please refer to the following link:
Zone 1 Routes and Timetables
New Twende Smart Cards
We now offer Twende Smart Cards for Daily Unlimited Pass and Monthly Unlimited Pass.

Daily Unlimited Pass are available for RWF 600 and Monthly Unlimited Pass are available for RWF 10,000.

Single fare paper ticket will still be available for RWF 250.